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Monday, April 26, 2010

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Friday, June 15, 2007

The AC Rep Convention and The Mindset Mentoring Conference


If you missed the convention, you missed alot.  I was blessed hearing Alan a millionaire alum and his partner Bill Bates a former Dallas Cowboy.  Doug Firebaugh was a HUGE blessing and I pray that Jerry Rasamni's message of our God of Love for Muslims around the world is heard by millions.  In fact, Mr. Rasamni's book should be required reading by muslims in prison.

This morning so far has been a tear jerker.  And, the early bird lunch with Tim and some millionaires was also great.

Make up your mind to believe that you will attend the next one.

Eric Standlee
713.690.8877 x205

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fwd: Maybe we should adopt the backbone of the Australians

Sharia law has no place in Australia nor in America. It is the antithesis of all we stand for.

Yellow backed politicians who cow-tow to the ACLU or any other group and allow Sharia law anywhere in America should be asked to repent of all they have done to deserve punishment under Sharia law and be allowed to suffer the due punishment so that noone else in America would have to question what that means.

Having said that, Sharia law is only another manifestation of the antichrist and the snake behind it rears its head knowing full well that it has lost already.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Doesn't sound real...however, I checked and found it to be true!
Your Friend

Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks. A day after a group of mainstream Muslim leaders pledged loyalty to Australia and her Queen at a special meeting with Prime Minister John Howard, he and his Ministers made it clear that extremists would face a crackdown. Treasurer Peter Costello, seen as heir apparent to Howard, hinted that some radical clerics could be asked to leave the country if they did not accept that Australia was a secular state, and its laws were made by parliament. "If those are not your values, if you want a country which has Sharia law or a theocratic state, then Australia is not for you", he said on National Television. "I'd be saying to clerics who are teaching that there are two laws governing people in Australia: one the Australian law and another Islamic law that is false. If you can't agree with parliamentary law, independent courts, democracy, and would prefer Sharia law and have the opportunity to go to another country, which practices it, perhaps, then, that's a better option", Costello said. Asked whether he meant radical clerics would be forced to leave, he said those with dual citizenship could possibly be asked to move to the other country. Education Minister Brendan Nelson later told reporters that Muslims who did not want to accept local values should "clear off. Basically people who don't want to be Australians, and who don't want, to live by Australian values and understand them, well then, they can basically clear off", he said. Separately, Howard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying he supported spy agencies monitoring the nation's mosques. Quote: "IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians. "However, the dust from the attacks had barely settled when the 'politically correct' crowd began complaining about the possibility that our patriotism was offending others. I am not against immigration, nor do I hold a grudge against anyone who is seeking a better life by coming to Australia. However, there are a few things that those who have recently come to our country, and apparently some born here, need to understand. This idea of Australia being a multi-cultural community has served only to dilute our sovereignty and our national identity. And as Australians, we have our own culture, our own society, our own language and our own lifestyle. "This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom. "We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society .. Learn the language! "Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture. "We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us. "If the Southern Cross offends you, or you don't like 'A Fair Go', then you should seriously consider a move to another part of this planet. We are happy with our culture and have no desire to change, and we really don't care how you did things where you came from. By all means, keep your culture, but do not force it on others. "This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, 'THE RIGHT TO LEAVE'. "If you aren't happy here then LEAVE. We didn't force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted." Maybe if we circulate this among ourselves, American citizens will find the backbone to start speaking and voicing the same truths! If you agree, please SEND THIS TO EVERYBODY YOU KNOW!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Real Secrets about Negative Posting Sites...

I had to share this.

You must be armed with the right knowledge.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Here are a few facts about Negative Posting Sites (such as scam dot com) that most people don't know. 1. Negative Posting Sites routinely BAR the TARGETED PERSON/COMPANY FROM POSTING. The site's owners have full editorial control over what content is posted, and who is able to post. For example, Tim Darnell is not allowed to post on their blog an answer or refutation to the accusations that are levied at him. E-mails coming from his e-mail addresses are blocked. Why? Sensible postings containing truth and reality don't drive traffic to Negative Posting Sites. Sometimes a refutation will briefly stimulate the number of postings, but eventually they slow the flow. The negative postings are easily exposed and laid to rest with a few short sentences if readers were really looking for veracity and truth. But that is not at all the basis for the sites' business model. It is the strength of Negative Posting Sites' business models that fictitious slander is their dominant theme and content. They will allow some positive postings that counter the negatives into the mix to add the dimension of controversy. But a disproportionate balance of negative over positive postings draws greater interest and viewership, and therefore profit to their site - genuine understanding of the truth of a matter does little to drive traffic to their sites. 2. Negative posting sites are EXTREMELY PROFITABLE BUSINESSES. These sites receive tremendous revenues in the form of Pay per Click advertising. The sites make fortunes on Tim Darnell's name, for example, generated by Google searches about him, his work, writings, ministry and business (the same with all of the better known ministers, authors, and business owners). So it is in the site's best interest (balance sheets) to keep the negative, tantalizing postings coming in regularly and in sizeable amounts. The negative posting sites really are a brilliant business model as regards profit. They know that sizeable segments of the public are 'suckers' for negative information. There is simply a high demand for suspicion and smut and the public proves that fact by buying that information multiple times over boring, "noble" reporting. And, what's even more ludicrous, they not only crave and buy this negative info – they actually believe it! It makes total sense. Take a step back and think about the content of virtually all media, and ask the question, "what sells"? Do people rush out to buy stories about the positive good that ministers and entrepreneurs say and do; or do they demand shocking, accusatory, slanderous gossip that fuels their suspicions and fears? Of course the latter creates the much larger draw. The public demands negativity and titillating gossip whether the reports and stories contain any truth at all. Truth is in no way the criteria for the postings in a scam dot com or Hollywood celebrity reporting (grocery store checkout magazines, for example). No, scintillating stories sell much better! This is a sad, but factual commentary about what the average person wants to view, how they spend their time, and what they actually buy. To repeat, what is worse is that way too many well-meaning people actually believe the postings and accept them as factual. 3. PAID POSTERS: Negative Posting Site Companies pay negative posters to keep the pot stirred - the more negativity the better. And the public is quick to rush in, fuel the fire, and believe virtually any statements made. If a site doesn't have consistent negative postings, then traffic to the site would dwindle and eventually die a natural death. The sites can't afford for that to happen. Obviously, it is important to keep the negative postings coming in on a regular basis. It makes one wonder what the job description of a Negative Poster is – "Vice President of Assassination", "Director of Mischief and Mayhem" or, "Fictional Prefabrication Editor"? 4. ANONYMOUS POSTINGS: Of course, the vast majority of postings are made by anonymous posters. Posters are smart for not putting their real names on their messages for the fact that many of their postings are unquestionably libelous, some being actionable in a court of law. The predominant posters are "un-findable". Is this all starting to make sense? 5.FOREIGN LOCATION: Further, most people are not aware, and frankly don't really care that scam dot com is a foreign owned and operated company based in Finland. The owner is not identified, nor is their location or contact information posted where the average web surfer can find it. Obscurity and anonymity allows their business to go untouched and protected from lawsuits regarding their complicity to the slander and libel from which they make their millions of dollars. Brilliant business model, would you not agree? 6. DUE DILIGENCE SABATOGE: Making decisions based on unsubstantiated opinions is the sure-fire way to be totally misguided in one's decision making process. Does it make any sense whatsoever to form an opinion based on an anonymous poster who claims to have secret insights and proofs about their targeted person or company? Does it make sense to accept those inflammatory opinions without talking to the accused person or to respected persons with whom they are closely associated? Getting information from a Negative Posting Site is not due diligence at all, and in fact is exactly counter-productive to genuine due diligence. People formulating opinions from these sites are simply being deceived. In summary, the only people being scammed are those who view and fall for the ridiculous, negative content on the scam dot coms of the world. Negative Posting Sites play on peoples' unquenchable thirst for scintillating accusation and innuendo. The owners of these sites know full-well that the suspicions and fears of a gullible and uninformed public can be manipulated and utilized, resulting in tremendous profits. Don't fall for this deceptive nonsense. If you do, you will find out from first-hand experience who is actually being scammed and why this particular site is appropriately named. -----------------

Eric Standlee

Friday, November 10, 2006

The testimonies just keep pouring in!

What a fantastic Millionaire Mindset Conference just completed in Dallas, TX.  We had attendees from all over the world with the furthest coming from Scotland.

We have already received dozens of testimonials from MMC attendees. Here are several of them.

Carol and I arrived home Monday night from Dallas. Being our 3rd conference, it has now become an anticipated event in our marriage. We both arrived at the conference feeling heavy but have both been renewed and lifted back up where God wants us to be. For me, the spiritual growth has been so needed and I know I will continue to grow in my walk. From the start of the Strategist meeting by Jack (wow so awesome), to Dr. Darnell and his love of the Bible (what a great way to start the sessions), to the speakers - it was like we were given a look at their innermost feelings - it was so exciting that they felt they were in a safe place so that they could share so openly, to the BBQ at Jack and Stephanie's (what an inspired event - all invited with no one left behind - so much better than groups going out to dinner with the possibility of someone being left alone) to the Sunday worship service. I'm so moved by music and wow was I moved!!!

I am so thankful to be part of this business. I have been paid back the entry fee over and over again - priceless.

Dr. John Hohner

There are many people who impacted me besides the six speakers, those whose personal testimonies absolutely paralleled my own, who were transparent and giving in ways they don't even know.

I want to thank Claudia, Leslie, Teresa and Elizabeth for praying for and over me. Zadoc's quiet spirit, who may say few words but when he speaks, has uttered volumes. Lucie Flack who gave me my first real answer to prayer for why I was there. Dr Charlie and Raquel, with their fantastic smiles and easy love to Charlie's impassioned prayers in English and Hebrew that gave me chills. There are too many to name and if I have neglected to thank you here, I ask that you forgive me, you are so loved by me.

Dr. Darnell, though soft-spoken, packed a punch, got to my depths, made the Word of God come alive. He is a true treasure.

As for the speakers, every single one, had such a calm about them it was tangible. Almost all had the same themes - love, passion ,think big, focus, act, prayer, sacrifice, Christ.

The two who really had my ear and my heart were Norm Miller who spoke of love, when one day he is walking down the grocery aisle and as a couple approached him, he said he "just loved them, just loved them." As he choked back tears, so did I.

And, Arch Bonnema, who initially, did not do much for me, I think it was me being tired and also, in hindsight, the enemy trying to distract me from one of the most important messages I will ever hear. When something he said caught my ear, I could hear his fantastic subtle humor, his willingness to sacrifice all for Christ, to be a part of not just history but a part of [our] history, Christ's history. When he sobbed when telling of how he was told to say goodbye to everyone as he readied to go to Iran in search of Noah's Ark, it got to me but not on any deep level. It wasn't until late Saturday night while taking a shower that the magnitude of what he was willing to give up hit me hard. This was Christ with skin on!

And finally and most personally for me, was hearing Don Goldstein speak by a recording from his "life bed." My God, the man is on is back, wracked with pain, about to undergo a radical surgery and he was willing to give [us] what was needful, right down to his signature "guys, that is guys and girls." I lost it! Again, here was Christ with flesh on!

How do you thank these people, along with Tim, Laura, Rosalyn, Jack and everyone who made this all possible?

In Him, no Him in and through me,
Susan Gaul

Hi Champions,
Wow!!!! What an awesome experience this weekend at the MMC.  I am simply a different man than I was just two days ago.  We are so blessed to have been included in God's plan this weekend.  I was reflecting on how the whole MMC came together and realized how divine this meeting really was.  The caliber of the speakers was incredible.  A year ago I would have never dreamed of having lunch with Norm Miller or touching a piece of Noah's ark.  These things are completely out of the natural.  I am honored to be part of such a profound ministry and looking expectantly towards supernatural, immeasurable, unimaginable growth.  I am 150% sold out for A/C.  We have an obligation to get this information out to the world with conviction and sustained unwavering belief.  I heard several of our millionaire mentors repeat and reinforce the teaching we receive from the Bible on a regular basis from the leaders within our organization.  Below are a few quotes.

Norm Miller "I could visualize myself walking into the battery convention and people saying there's Norm Miller"  "I want urgency with a long term mentality" "If I have love, peace and Joy I will have it all" "I need to find out what God wants me to do" "Seek excellence, make a plan, pray about it and submit it to God" " EAB Factor Ephesians 3:20.

Mike Sharp  "A winner starts with hope and finishes with courage"  "Make Everyone that comes around you feel good about themselves" "People get paid to do the hard things" "There is always a since of urgency in me"  "Assumptive close you go there knowing they want what you have"  "be yourself you can not be someone else"

In His service,
Mike and Beth Napoli

We have been going non stop sense the Gift of Service Wednesday. I cannot begin to communicate everything shared and learned. Our business is going to grow exponentially over the coming years as we just equipped another 130 champions. All I can say as I am beginning to gather all the nuggets received is wow.

This was my 4th MMC conference and it was by far the most powerful and we probably had 130 in our worship service this morning. I am not sure how we will top this one next Spring, but the Lord does. We had Messianic Rabbis/brothers and sisters in Christ there and probably dozens of denominations represented with such a sense of unity, it is hard to explain. This is such a powerful focus as it takes up where the church does not go in terms of long term mentoring, accountability and equipping Christian entrepreneurs. I EXPECTED and received something from every Millionaire Mentor and they mostly shared how they are using their wealth as influence to share the gospel throughout the world. Very powerful.

It is so exciting for me to see the army being raised up at Advantage Conferences. Soft hearts, maturing in our faith, with a resolve and commitment level, like nothing I have ever seen.

Let us ALL lead by example from this day forward. Thank you Tim for your vision, passion, sensitivity, tough love, focus, perseverance, generosity, and EXAMPLE.

Lastly, champion Don Goldstein shared a powerful recorded message in this morning's service and the wisdom shared based on who God is, was just spot on! We love you Don and we EXPECT your complete healing in Jesus precious name. For folks that were moved by Don's words this morning, it was a call to action for ALL of us. Don't give the enemy an entry into your thoughts and expectations. Know whose you are and what He has promised each of us!

In Service,


Jack M. Weinzierl

I remember thinking when I first looked last spring at the MMC options that it wouldn't make any sense to fly across the country to attend something for only half a day--not even one day. Boy, was I wrong! If all the conference had been was the first speaker, or any one of the speakers, it would most definitely been worth it. To start the day off with Dr. Darnell was also very moving for me. I had never before heard anyone read scripture or the Lord's prayer in Hebrew. His intense study and comprehension of the language was fascinating to me.
Although each speaker was unique and had different things to say, some common things throughout that spoke to me were: 1. Pray--not just pray, but expect an answer and then be still and listen for that answer.
2.Tithe--I really admired the commitment especially of Arch Bonnema when even after his business suffered because of his increased tithe in time and money, he didn't waver. He knows that God owns it all and he stood fast in his promise to God.
3.Trust in God--no matter what.
4. Focus--After listening to what God wants me to do, be focused on that. Get rid of distractions. (children excluded)
5.Discipline--I think that being focused will help with the discipline.
There's much more, but those are the top five for me. Another story that really made me think was when one of the speakers credited spending time with and talking with his grandfather at the kitchen table was the thing that helped mold him into who he is today. Seems like a simple thing, but what a huge responsibility I have to my children and then my grandchildren.
Being able to hold a piece of Noah's ark--I can't even put that into words.
Thanks Tim, Jack and all of you! I am completely humbled to be a part of this family. Also, for those of you who gave me rides, you are an answer to my mother's prayers because even though I'm 44, she just couldn't see how I would ever find my way around.

God's blessings,

Linda Pender

P.S. I can still hear Arch's voice say "Be strong and be brave" As an extra bonus from the Lord today, my devotional verse was Deut. 31:6 "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."
The 2006 MMC was wonderful!!

Each speaker imparted a "wealth" of information! (I have many pages of notes!) I was so awed by the degree of Christian commitment, obedience and faithfulness of these men and women - living out their daily lives to be a blessing and as God's Word promises - each has been richly blessed in return.

While each speaker was wonderful, the highlights for me were ---- Dr. David Darnell's messages and the testimony of William Boyd Chisum. The training, mindset, and opportunity calls each week, confirm the Biblical foundation of Advantage Conferences. But the very fact that these men had been invited to share their wisdom and testimony of God's love and sustaining power, was an additional confirmation of Advantage Conference's foundation and purpose.

I so loved the testimony and songs of Mr. Chisum, that I purchased his CD and book. I encourage each of you to do the same in support of his ministry. You will be blessed beyond measure. From a very tragic event, he has fought through obstacles that would completely destroy most people. Rather than become bitter and helpless, he has allowed God to mold him into a living masterpiece of the sustaining love of God. His character, determination, faith, and loving spirit, mixed with a delightful sense of humor, should inspire each of us to allow ourselves to be molded by God, and to be all we can be for His Kingdom.

The fellowship was sweet and the whole conference was an unforgettable experience!  "Thanks Tim, for your vision and creation of Advantage Conferences", seems totally inadequate.

Illa Bong

The whole week-end was AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. This is definitely, one of the most memorable 4 days of my life. I met so many loving people of God. My head felt so clear, and I felt so happy, and I was with family.  I can't wait to get in touch with everyone I've ever known, to let them know, what a wonderful opportunity this really is. I dedicated my business to The Lord, before I even got started, and I want to make Him proud.

I want to thank Tim Darnell, and Jack, and everyone that made this week-end possible. The speakers were so down to earth, and loving as well, and I learned a lot from them all. I can't wait until the next one, where I will have a large group, "my very own group". Special Blessings to all of you for this coming year, and beyond.

Love to all

What an awesome weekend - I was blown away.

I have a confession to make. I was not very excited about coming to Dallas for the conference. I had been letting f-e-a-r and d-o-u-b-t come into my thoughts (OK - overtake my thoughts!). But, I am so glad I was there!

I don't think I can come up with words to describe how awesome this weekend was. The information that was shared is priceless! It was real, relevant, and truly impactful. This is a life changing event that everyone should experience.

Scott Ball

Angie and I had a wonderful experience at the conference. I decided to share with you what God revealed to me through this experience. The day before the conference I experienced an attack from the enemy. I received a phone call from someone that only wanted to hurt me with attacks on Christianity, AC, and Tim Darnell. I will admit that I allowed a hint of D O U B T to enter my mind. I now know that Satan did not want me to experience fully what God had planned, but he failed.

Among many other things, God told me over and over that I was exactly where he wanted me to be, and that He was going to use me to bless others. But God reveled to me something special on the way home.

Most of you don't know about the circumstances that led me eventually to Advantage Conferences. On November 12 of last year, The Lord welcomed my parents into His presence. They were involved in an accident and were both killed instantly. Not long after that I was committed to finding a way to honor my parents and carry on their legacy of loving God, and serving the Lord with all that they had. God led us to AC in June and I thought that this would be a great way honor God and my parents.

On our way home, Angie and I spent the hours planning, praying, and crying happy tears. During one of those cries, God answered a question I had since November 12, 2005. The question was "Why God? Why did you allow my parents to die?" The answer I received yesterday was, "This is why, Kurt. I have a plan for you."

I cannot express the Peace and Joy that filled my soul at that moment. There is nothing better than hearing the answer to that question.  To all of you that have a "WHY Lord" in their life, I can encourage you with this. God has the answer to your question, and it is the right answer. He truly does work all things together for our good. As Dr. Darnell said in one of the Bible studies, we see things as through a vapor, But God sees all things crystal clear.
My parents legacy will last for generations and bless the world.
Praise God
Kurt Green
Lincoln, NE

It's hard to know what to even say after a conference like the MMC in Dallas last weekend. Being able to meet new people and spend time with old friends is always a great part of attending the MMC.

There is so much information that was gained from the conference that it will take some time to digest it and then some more time in prayer to determine exactly how to apply it. A few things that really stood out to us in this conference were:

1. The words of Boone Powell when he said that he picked his mentors instead of letting them pick him. We must seek out the people that we want to learn from and develop that relationship with them.
2. The effect that tithing and giving has on the lives of those who are faithful. Arch Bonnema talked about how he, his father and grandfather gave far over and above the 10% tithe and were blessed for their faithfulness. This is not to say that we should give expecting to receive, but to know that when we give with a right heart, we will be blessed many times over for that gift.
3. How do you even explain holding a piece of Noah's ark? It still hasn't sunk in. What a humbling experience to hold such an important part of our Christian heritage.

Thank you Tim, Laura, Rosalyn, and Jack for all that you do to make the MMC and Advantage Conferences such a great company. As each MMC comes and goes, we are equipped with more stories and experiences of what it really means to be a Christian entrepreneur.

Lane & Teri Schollenbarger

Dear Team,

As I reflect over the MMC this past weekend, I think these words and phrases are worth remembering:

"Nothing is easy"
"Be consistent with whatever action you choose"
"Results are commensurate to your effort"
"Never quit"
"A sense of urgency"
"Have great expectations"
"Focus, focus, focus"
"You must love what you do"
"Educate yourself"
"Wealth creation"
"Enlarge my borders"
"Bold faith"

Be Blessed!
Ed Cheng

Blessings Team,

So many people have put it so well. I suggest that you print out or file the posts that resonate with you and refer to them often.

There was something at the conference for everyone. I can say that certain speakers and the things they said impacted me more than others. Not to take anything away from anybody, it's just that God meets us where we are and we are all in different places in our walk.

I was just going through my notes, trying to narrow it all down to just a few good nuggets. Suddenly, I realized that there were so many that, with comment, it could fill volumes. I'm putting the notes away. I'm going to tell you what I took away in my heart, not what I took away in my notepad.

I went to the conference alone. I didn't feel uncomfortable about that because I knew that I was among friends and believers. The speakers were amazing and the fellowship was so warm.

On Friday morning, Dr. Darnell said that the Hebrew word for sin means, "Missing the mark" and that God knows we've sinned, He just wants to hear us say it. (Say it and I'll forgive) Norm Miller said that he and other leaders would pray every morning over their battery business. Mike Sharpe said that he prayed and fasted for three days. Keresa Richardson said that she prays every day that God will bring in the right people and that the blessings will go both ways. She also prays that her husband will have discernment in business.

Hmmmm… I'm starting to see a pattern here.

Saturday morning, Dr Darnell gave the best teaching I've ever heard on The Lord's Prayer. Coincidence? I think not!

What it boils down to is that I've been given my instructions to be in prayer and fasting. I have made a commitment to follow through.
Already, the devil is trying to sabotage my efforts.

I thank God for you all. I consider it a privilege to serve alongside so many mighty men and women of God. May He bless each and every one of us to the glory of His kingdom.

Terry Latimer
Roanoke, VA

Dear Team, I want to say ..We were blessed beyond compare.....the gathering of the Brotherhood was so spiritual, you could feel the strong presence of the Holy Spirit of Joy and protection...and it never went away. The mentorship was so heartfelt and educational and to know as Millionaires; their hearts were right with God and Mankind was so impressive. The LOVE and experiences of sharing were very encouraging! And the spiritual services were the Highlight of Praise to Our Father..It was an experience I never want to miss ever in the rest of my lifetime. This is a Ministry/Business that I will never give up on or leave! So I say "Thank God" for Advantage Conferences, and all the Servants that work hard to make Christ's Business a success! To finally put faces with names and verbal face to face conversations brought the closeness of Love and Relationships to this experience. And I made many friendships with Our Brothers & Sisters of different faiths..and to be united as one in the same line of thought, serving shoulder to shoulder for the Glory of Christ...was as I started out, a Blessing beyond compare... Thank You Brother Darnell, for the Glory of this Business! Our Prayers are with our new Family..worldwide. Sandee Ashburn

What a feast, what a feast, what a feast. From fellowship to sharing, from service to serving, we all came with different expectations and were filled from the same cup. I am tingling to the depths of my soul. The conference was filled with giving and we were filled with receiving.

If we have really learned anything then it is that we knew nothing, if we thought we had the answers we find we have a lot to learn, and most of all if we thought we were alone we find we are but one star in the heavens of like minded Christians.

I love you all.

Tom Bowman

It was a great pleasure to meet Tim, Jack (and their wives) and the person who was led by the Lord to lead us to AC-Leslie Garrard!!!

Three characteristics burn so brightly in these individuals....integrity, warmth, love and joy in the Lord. Praising the Lord for the relationships we were able to develop! It was a great encouragement to be able to hear from and chat with the panel of millionaires. Each one and "overcomer", "Humble champions", living lives of exceeding great blessings because they were birthed out of love for the Lord and His Word, obedience and passion....Richly blessed yet giving all credit to the Lord. Above and beyond meeting the millionaires, relationships were formed. Relationships touched by the Holy Spirit that will long outlast anything of this world, we were a family. God sure showed up in a mighty way, God was very present the whole time!!! There was total sincerity and genuineness, which comes from the leadership down. We were so blessed to be a part of what God is doing at this time to bring in His wonderful Glory and Power!!! Thank you to all the home
office and Tim and Jack and the other leaders for making this the
greatest conference we have ever been a part of. We love you all.

Blessings and Love,
Mike and Nancy Hurst

The MMC this past weekend was simply staggering in power, love and fellowship.  As many of us have already shared, there was so much amazing knowledge imparted to us by the millionaire mentors that it is difficult to isolate the statement that most impacted me.  Out of so many great things spoken, the one thing that really stands out for me came from Arch, our final mentor of the conference:

"FEAR IS SIN" – Those three small words crystallize into a treasure waiting to be claimed and distributed among God's children.  Simple words coming from a man who left his family and an abundant, comfortable life to face a very real possibility of persecution (up to and including martyrdom), physical peril from a brutally harsh environment, potential attacks from roving packs of wolves, and many other dangers that we didn't even hear about.  The Lord tells us all throughout scripture, "Do not fear," and "Do not be afraid."  He doesn't say, "I would prefer that you not be afraid," or "You really might want to consider trusting me instead of being afraid all the time."  He says, "Do not fear."  That sounds like a clear command from Almighty God to me.  Amen?
Beyond everything else, I also noticed something I hadn't expected at the MMC.  After attending one prior MMC and faithfully attending our Thursday mindset calls (as well as many of our other wonderful training calls), I heard these messages with new ears and with a transformed (and still transforming) mind!  My first MMC was absolutely life changing and inspirational, no d-o-u-b-t about it.  But after bathing my mind in so much biblical, ongoing mentoring, I not only heard the words of our millionaire mentors, I understood their meaning on a much deeper and more significant level than ever before.
The conference is just the springboard of Christian mentoring here.  As awesome as it truly is, it is the frequent, consistent, ongoing mentoring we gratefully receive at AC that changes our thoughts and focus to translate the wisdom heard at the conference into a plan of action – YOUR plan of action, MY plan of action, HIS action plan for His children, for His Glory.
Those of us who attended this conference were blessed beyond measure.  Those of us who hear the wisdom and put it into practice bless the Kingdom and our loving Father Himself.
Yours in Christ,
Scott Whited

That is exactly what I've been telling people about the weekend we all just had. It was INDESCRIBABLE! I could use the most eloquent words, most passionate emotion, the most impacting gestures and hand motions, and the best thought structure, but there would not be any way to relay to someone what it was like to have been there. This MMC was truly indescribable. (But I try anyway;>)-

You all might be shocked when I say this, but, the most special and impacting thing for me, did not come from any of our Millionaire speakers and mentors. It came from all of you. My fellow champions and warriors.

I've never been in an environment where I felt such unity. I've never felt such a tight and unified bond of the Holy Spirit like I did this weekend. This weekend, changed my life. I knew it would. When I purchased my MMC ticket about 6 months ago, I knew my life was going to be changed. And it was.

I by no means want to single people out and shine the light on only some, however, in an effort to honestly portray my experience I must name a few names. Again I have to say that the people who impacted my life the most, on a spiritual and life changing level, were not the speakers. Now, those Millionaire Mentor Speakers, they made quite the impact on me. That is most definitely obvious. But the impact that the speakers made, it was all mindset. They helped impact and changed my mindset. Which, obviously by the title of the event, that was the goal. But, I got way more than that....

...The people who touched me deeper than any of the speakers were all of you! Especially Jack and Stephanie, Charlie, Larry, Leslie, Mike (all of them;>) Bartlett, Napoli, and Cherry), Tim, Jim, and Eric. Thank you ALL for the love you expressed for everyone, not just me. That was the shining impact for me. People genuinely loving each other! I guess to some it all up, this weekend, what I saw, to me, was the unadulterated Body of Christ moving, living and breathing!

Jack and I want to cry...<<like now>>....all I have to do is think of you. I can't explain how much your love and compassion impacted me this weekend. Jack, to see you genuinely impacted and touched by someone accepting Christ for the first time......that did wonders for me. I saw a man who was truly in love with "what it's all about".....leading others to Christ. God has used you (both) to touch something deep within me that no one else has. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I truly love you both, dearly!!

Larry and Charlie, thank you so much for the conversations, love, and encouragement! Leslie, WOW, you are an awesome woman of God. Thank you for all the insight, encouragement, and love. Mike Bartlett, thank you for one of the best hugs I had all weekend, and also for your encouragement. Mike Napoli, thanks for showing me (unknowingly) how to put things into action, and thanks for making things fun and making us all laugh while getting lost trying to leave Jack's neighborhood. (Which, by the way, I expect a full confession from whoever is responsible for changing all of those street signs and names! ;>0) Mike Cherry, thank you for sharing your testimony with me brother. That was awesome. Eric, thanks for your wit and sharing your gift with all of us so unselfishly. Jim thank you for your warm spirit, kind words, and encouragement. I'll be praying for your wife and standing in belief with you!

And last but not least, Mr. Tim Darnell. There is just way too much to thank you for. ;>)- Thank you first and foremost, for your obedience to our Savior and Lord. Without your obedient heart, none of this would have happened for me or anyone else. Your treasure in heaven is unimaginable! May the Lord enlarge your vision even further! And thank you for giving me a platform to share the Lords music through me, with others. And thank you for sharing yours with all of us.

Thank you Lord for giving us your Holy Spirit to unite us, move and work through us, and for calling all men unto Yourself. Thank you Father for all of those men and women, all of my brothers and sisters that You have brought here to the AC family, and for all of those You are still calling here. Assemble Your people like only You can do!

Well, I told you I'd try to explain it, but, this weekend was simply indescribable!

I love you ALL!

In Service and Success,

Jordan Goode-Mulson

Beyond words is a good description for the past MMC gathering. A common description for all attendees to include the speakers was an overt love for God and simpleness of heart. I also appreciate the honesty and integrity of our mentors and leader that serve to thrust this God-given business to new heights. I am excited and filled with great anticipation as to what God will do for my personal life as well as the whole AC team through this great ministry/business.

I need time to talk with you about the conference.

I had the best time I have had in a long time. Maybe ever! The presence of God was so strong through everyone there. I cried tears of joy, I learned from 6 different multi-millionaires, I saw an 8 year old get on the microphone and tell everyone that he was going to be baptized because he had asked Jesus Christ to be Lord of his life, I had teaching 2 mornings in a row from a 75 year old man that has studied Hebrew and Greek and radiated the Love of God, I chatted with a Messianic Rabbi, I went to a dinner at a man's house, with about 80 people....God is so moving in these times.

Matt McHale

This weekend's MMC was a mountain top experience for Bell and I, as it is for all of you I'm sure. We were blessed beyond our wildest imaginations!

Starting from the Gift of service, the camaraderie of the Saints was so sweet! It was as if we had known each other for a long time. It was exciting and a great joy as we anticipate whom the next person is as he/she introduces himself/herself. "Aaaahh, You're Arnel.
I remember you from the call", "So you're Kurt from Nebraska",
and on and on. What an awesome time of fellowship!

Next was the Strategist Meeting. Jack did an outstanding job presenting AC. The posture that he painted in his presentation should be the exact same one we should strive to have: Boldness and confidence in honoring our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in this business. Awesome job, Jack!

And then the MMC:
These words still ring loud in my ear:
- YAHWEH means, "I will be what I will be".
- Have a VISION: Norm seeing himself in a vision walking into a
Battery Convention and people are whispering "That's Norm Miller!"
- Pray for everything: "If you're not praying for your business,
you're not in the right place. He wants to be with us in our
- Conviction: "Winner starts with hope and finishes with courage."
- Focus: "Focus your mind just like a magnifying glass."
- Not stranger to hard work: " Nothing in life is easy. Most people
don't want you to win."
- SUCCESS BREEDS SUCCESS: " I will not be around negative people. I
will surround myself with people I wanted to become."
- Sense of Urgency
- Get through your fear
- Master the Intangibles
- Make people around you feel good about themselves.
- If it's not in writing, you don't have a plan.
- 5Ps: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance
- Boone Powell: "My father taught me to focus on quality of service.'
- "How we live is much more important than what we say.
- Peggy Allen: "Do it! Don't wait!"
- Arch Bonnema: "God requires us to take risks."
- "Let's learn how to give!"

I could not stop sobbing as I listen to Arch weep before us. I was broken and humbled by the fact that God would bless me to see the things He's doing to further His kingdom. I felt like Elisha's servant who was discouraged when he saw the enemies surrounded him, but Elisha prayed that God would open up his eyes, and He did. He saw that there were more of them than the enemies. God opened my eyes indeed to see that He is very much in control! Hallelujah!

He's using people like you and me with humble beginnings, but are sold out for Him and had proven themselves faithful to His calling. I wanted to be like these mentors. Bell and I both feel now more than ever that this is our place at this juncture of our lives. It is a calling and an obligation to build this business, not for personal gain, but to build God's kingdom. Our lives are forever changed! God blessed us with a mountain top experience indeed! Praise the LORD! To Him be glory, honor, and power, forever and ever, AMEN!

We love you all,
Arnel and Bell Ngo
Chesapeake, VA

Team AC,

You all are amazing.  You came home from the conference and immediately began to do what you heard and saw----you gave.  You gave by sharing whatever thoughts the Lord placed on your hearts.

As I was reading each post, I was struck with the giving spirit and the lack of fear each one showed---no fear about what they would say.  It seems to me that most if not all just spake as they were led by the Holy Ghost.  NO, I am not equating it with the Inspired Word of the Living God-Yahweh, King of the Universe.  But I believe that each did write with the desire to be God's servant.  And you know it is important that we do share as the Lord leads each of us individually.  It takes all different types to make up a body.

I sense a genuine love coming from each of you.  I congratulate you on your servant leadership--which epitomizes the conference and is really what it is about.  You are millionaire mentors!  Thank you for your part that you play in making AC spiritually uplifting, financially prospering, wisdom imparting and relationship building.

The Scripture says that, Yeshua (Jesus), grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.  That is happening in each of your/our lives.  What a privilege we have to continue to grow regardless of our age spiritually or physically.

The first part of this email is simply to say I am blessed because of each of you.  And to encourage others to share how they were impacted.  God wants to use you.

The first change I noticed about myself was I began right away praying more.  When I say praying, let me explain.  I found myself asking the Lord about what He wants about many different things.  Asking Him to direct me in my decisions.  In little things like whether I should watch the movie on the plane or read Don Goldstein's book.  I am sure you know the answer.  Hey I was tired and felt I deserved a break today!  Arrrgh.  The flesh!

I began to write down the names of all the folks I met and what I learned about each.  Each of you that I had an opportunity to speak with know who you are.  Pam and I talked about how you each impacted our lives.  We talked about the speakers and Scott hit on the same thing that kept coming back to me and that is prayer.  It was on the lips of just about every speaker at one time or another and some times it was repeated several times.

In the spirit of committing to change and action as a result of the conference I want to share this:  Monday morning was another round of blessing as we heard each one share how the Holy Spirit had taught them and loved them through the body in AC.

Like Susan, I reserve the right to have a Part II to this later.  I started this morning writing this and have been adding to it throughout the day.  It is now 6:30pm Tuesday evening.  So much has happened just in these 2 days.  Looking forward to the days weeks and months to come.

John Poole

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to jump in like everyone else & share my heart regarding the MMC last weekend. I am an MMCI so I was there Thursday night for the strategist meeting & Friday morning for Dr. Darnell & Norm Miller. First, let me say that it was really difficult for me going to the MMC. My husband was supposed to be going with me, but wasn't able to at the last minute due to some work priorities. So I drove 7 hours from Louisiana to get there, but I made great time.

I'm so used to having my husband & daughter around that I didn't know what to do with myself when I got there. I went to the tables outside our meeting place & asked if they needed any help. Rosalyn told me no. I was thinking great, what am I going to do for the next hour? But thankfully I didn't wander too far & Rosalyn grabbed me & said they could use my help after all.

It was really great meeting everyone. It was awesome to sit back & watch the way everyone interacted with each other as they arrived. It was great to see Jack in action at the strategist meeting. Friday morning I think that the thing that hit me the most from Dr. Darnell was when he said sin can be translated as missing the mark. God really does have great plans for our lives, but it is so important that we follow after Him completely in order for His goodness to be shown in & through us. Lord, let us always strive to be pure in our hearts & to always do what you would have us to do. Let us not wander off the great path that you have for us. Thank you for this great avenue Advantage Conferences. Let us not pass up any opportunity to be who you want us to be to the fullest. Let us always realize it is You in us that makes us able to do anything great.

Norm Miller impressed me. I liked it when he said that he would be driving his truck & imagine walking into the battery convention & people would know who he was & call him by name. I thought it was powerful how he talked about no matter what his circumstances, that if he had love, peace & joy that he would have the abundant life that God promises. I thought that it was neat that God knew the desires of his heart before he had acknowledged God, and that God was loving & gracious enough to fulfill those desires (pretty wife, a son & a daughter, a nice house) even when Norm was not yet living his life for the glory of the Lord. You could feel the Holy Spirit as he shared about the moment in the grocery store when he looked in the eyes of strangers & felt the love of God for those people.

I could go on & on & I was only there till 12noon on Friday! I was really blessed at the conference & continue to be blessed as I read the testimonials of all the other attendees. What a blessed ministry/business we are a part of! Thank you to everyone who was there. It wouldn't have been the same without you!

Candace Hendrick
Baton Rouge, LA

Wow, what an awesome experience! As I intently listened to each of the Millionaire Mindset Conference mentors I found these common threads.
1.)           Each mentor was given different talents, interests and came from different backgrounds, but each and every one of them identified the specific passion hidden in their heart.
2.)           Each mentor was committed to serving the Lord, through the serving of people, with a spirit of excellence.
3.)           Each mentor envisioned their future, put that vision on paper and developed a plan to attain it.
4.)           Through prayer, knowledge of The Word and the application of The Word, they pushed past and overcome fear, d-o-u-b-t, and ALL obstacles.
5.)           Through all their trials they maintained a thankful and joyful spirit.
6.)           They became very focused at accomplishing the next task at hand.
7.)           They exhibited strength with compassion.
8.)           They were Sold Out for what they were doing.

The most amazing aspect of the conference is that not only did I see these common threads in The Millionaire Mindset Conference mentors, but I witnessed it freely flowing from the corporate team, leadership and all the incredibly talented and giving, Advantage Conferences' representatives. It is extremely evident that not only the conferences but the combination of ongoing Christian training throughout the weeks, months, and years is raising up leaders, set apart to do great things.
I want to thank each and every one of my fellow reps, for sharing your time, talents, resources and testimonies with me. What a blessing!
I thank you, Tim Darnell for your Sustained Unwavering Belief and Leadership through Service.
Most importantly, I will share one last vital key to any leaders' success. That key is, the spouse that stands behind them. Thank you Cathy, I am forever grateful.
So teammates, if you desire to be a true leader, remember to love your spouse like Christ loved His Church.
In His Service,
Charlie Peters

Shalom Everyone,

This was our first conference. Racquel and I were blessed beyond our imagination. God has taken people from the north, east, south and west and made us one in Messiah. Yeshua (Jesus) says to "love one another, just as I have loved you" and then He calls the disciples, friends. Tim and Cathy, Jack and Stephanie and all the wonderful and beautiful people that we have met, we call you, friends. Thank you for exuding the love of the Lord!

Each speaker spoke precious pearls of wisdom. But most important, each one realized that their success came directly from God. God was glorified! Dr. Darnell spoke as a true servant with much wisdom and knowledge. Arch Bonnema spoke with a heart of love. We wept with him and we were joyful with him. How awesome to hold gopher wood from Noah's ark in our hands!

Another highlight for us was listening for a few minutes to the CD, "The Next Millionaires" by Paul Zane Pilzer. He spoke of the three areas in the next 10 years that will bring millionaire success to 10 million people: 1) Intellectual Distribution (which is education), 2) Internet Business and 3) Home-Based Business. That's Advantage Conferences! We're on the "cutting edge" of success and business wealth and it's our heart's desire to use it for the Kingdom of God!

Thanks again to everyone!
Blessings! in Messiah!
Charlie and Racquel

It was such a honor and a blessing to have a chance to put faces to names this weekend. I agree with Jack, it is like a wedding, one is happy to be there and sad at the same time that there wasn't enough time to spend with everyone.

I am like Tim today-I'm a mess! It has been a very emotional day so far as God begins to work the messages sent through our speakers into the deep ravines of my heart. He brought me to a passage of scripture; Mark 10:17-30. This passage talks about a good man who by all accounts is a good Christian asking Jesus what it would take to follow Him. Jesus answered in love, saying, sell all you have.... As you know, the man walks away sad and doesn't take the next step.

God used Arch Bonnema's story to give me a picture of what happens when a rich man is willing to give away everything, walk away from everything he loves to answer the call. The specific part of his story that showed his willingness to give it all to God was the part where he was asked to say goodbye to his wife and family because of the very real possibility that he would not survive the trip to Iran. This mighty man wept openly about how that was the hardest thing to do out of everything he did during the trip.

I love you all!

Debbie Lantz
Lewisville, TX

I arrived back in Cincinnati late Saturday evening. Angela and I had commitments at our church first thing Sunday morning.

I was expecting great things from this MMC and was left in awe. I was moved by every single story from every millionaire. I took more notes than my entire college career ( o.k. my college career wasn't very long but you get the message).

II was typing feverishly in the Dallas airport Saturday before my flight took off. I was trying to capture in words just what this story meant to me.

I was sobbing not only at the MMC but at the airport as well.

It was awesome seeing all of you in Dallas!

Sam Crowley
Cincinnati, OH

This was my first MMC. I had decided in March that I was going. I didn't quite get there as an MMCIV but was an MMCII but I couldn't let that stop me. And what a blessing. Even if I had just been there for the Strategist meeting...that in itself was so awesome. What leaders we have in this company!!!! I was thoroughly blessed by the 3 millionaires I heard. Mike Sharpe encouraged me to be more confident in pursuing the Hidden Treasures. Keresa Richardson encouraged and inspired me with her 10 companies...did I hear that right, she has 10 companies?

And she was so real with us. I wanted to spend so much more time with her picking her brain. My determination has quadrupled from this weekend. And I was so blessed to meet everyone I put a face with a name on the phone. I'll treasure this until the next one!!!

I want to thank Tim and his family for being so willing and loving to start this company and make is so great and full of integrity. Thank you, Jack & Stephanie, for opening your home. I was so blessed to meet Will and his family, how precious they are to share him with us as we are learning this wonderful Hidden Treasures. And I got to spend time my enroller, Eric Standlee. Did you ever guess that this "Recovering Geek" (as he calls himself) would be so funny? All this just makes it more personal now when we talk and train. And to spend time with Judy before she comes to train me was such a blessing. I'm so looking forward to working with her when she gets here. This is truly a company of lovable and real people.

I didn't get to say goodbye or give any last hugs to all my new friends so here is a goodbye hug now. I was so caught up by the singing and worship on Sunday that when I looked at my watch near the end I realized I had missed my airport shuttle and only had 20 minutes till the last one to get me to the airport on time. Until March.....

Claudia Givens, Advantage Conferences Pro Rep
Mobile, AL

This was the most amazing experience of my life! I took tons and tons of notes and each speaker revealed wonderful nuggets of information that had a profound effect.  I cannot wait to go through my notes again and relive and soak in the information. Tim, each conference is better than the last!... Each speaker was phenomenal... it was difficult to pick a favorite.  All different... all spellbinding.  All with basically the same message... nothing is easy and consistency is the most important habit.

Two of them just got back from an expedition.  Their mission for the rest of their lives (since they have already made their millions) is to locate lost relics that prove that the Bible is in fact filled with true stories.

They have spent millions of dollars, including satellite searches to find the resting place of Noah's ark.  And they found it! It is resting at 13,000 feet on a mountain top in Iran.  They literally risked their lives to climb up to see it.  Not only the danger of the climb but the danger of the government and the terrorists finding out what they were there for.  They were only able to sneak out a few small pieces of it. They have a movie coming out in the spring that will document the expedition and their findings, leaving it to the world to determine what they have found.

This is a huge structure, obviously hewn, petrified wood, with sea barnacles, on a totally desolate mountain top.  Usually this mountain is covered with snow. An unusual snow melt (perhaps the reason God is allowing some global warming) has exposed this large and unique object.

Before this weekend there were very few people in the world that have ever held this.  We were allowed the once in a lifetime privilege of holding a piece of what they believe to actually be Noah's Ark.  They smuggled back several pieces. They are being tested in several independent labs.

Just had to share... it was a very exciting weekend. It was wonderful to put faces to all the amazing Christian Entrepreneurs that are in this Marketplace Ministry. The weekend was capped by an amazing Sunday morning worship service.  The Holy Spirit was definitely present at the Hyatt Hotel this weekend.

What an amazing experience in every way!  Thanks Tim, Laura and Rosalyn and all the hard working folks that made this perfect weekend possible!

And thanks Jack and Stephanie for opening up your beautiful home to us for Dinner Saturday evening.

Love and blessings
Barbara Kardokus
Oklahoma City, OK

Praise God for His Marvelous Works! I simply want to express to everyone that attended and those who were unable to attend what I call a "Marvelous MMC Weekend" in Dallas. It began with Mr. Norman Miller who with his countenance, displayed a sense of determination to accomplish above all he could ask or think (Eph 3:20). (Remember guys, the "EAB Factor"). Once motivated by Fear of failure, now motivated by Love, (ITim 1:5), "The goal of our instruction" Climaxing with Arch "Ark" Bonnema who literally opened up his heart & vision to us, allowing us to have the privilege of being some of the first to witness the discovery of Noah's Ark! Being more than a business conference, we experienced the backbone, the sense of urgency, commitment, focus, and determination of these business individuals. For the most part, nothing could be accomplished without their faith in God! I am convinced that as Christians, it is crucial, most essential that we walk by faith and not by sight.

We must seek God in every endeavor, each day to fulfill our purpose in life. As entrepreneurs you can depend on what or whoever but as Christian Entrepreneurs, we must if we're to be successful, trust the Lord with all our hearts & lean not to our own understanding. This is less than a tenth of a % of what I received. There is soooo much more! To add to that, Sunday morning I got to spend time with our Brother, Don Goldstein as he admonished us to press forward and be grateful for this is the best company we could have ever had the opportunity to become involved with.

Tim, it was marvelous, I thank and appreciate all of you!

In His Grace,

Beverly Erby
Ft. Worth, TX

I stand amazed at how enriching and inspiring and simply "sweet" the recently concluded MMC was. If all I heard was Tim's dad teaching on prayer on Saturday morning, that alone would be worth the price of the conference. But there was so much more! Can you imagine an 83 year-old man starting a turkey-feeding business, and succeeding in it? Arch Bonnema's (one of the mentors) grandpa did. But not only so. He was giving 90% of his earnings to the work of the Lord at one point. Halleluiah! What an example for us here at Advantage Conferences. Father, help us to never forget this, and to aspire to do likewise.

When I consider the many enterprises our speakers have started, and are successfully running, it reminds me of how limitless the wisdom of our Father is, and that we can definitely do likewise. In Romans it is recorded: O the depths of the riches of the both the wisdom and knowledge of God!... Flesh and bones were put onto that scripture. Let's remember that our Father's wisdom is measureless, and we are his heirs.

Meeting so many of the brothers from all over the world was like a slice of heaven. The lunch buffet, specially spiced up by the female quartet music was delightful. Jack and Stephanie were good examples of how to believe to feed the multitudes. In addition, the Sunday morning worship was so rich... I had to leave to catch my flight at 11:05 A.M. And at 11:10, I was still lingering at the door as another great worship song was being sung.

I thank God, Tim Darnell, and all the people who took on leadership roles, along with all who attended. This has been the best weekend of my life.

Peace and grace are with you!

Zadoc Henry
Plantation, FL

To my Colleagues and Friends!

Thank you Laura and Rosalyn for all the work you did to organize and run this past conference.

Tim, thank you for being you, for your humor, your singing, your servant's heart and more than ever your teaching and mentorship. We had a fantastic group of Christian leaders to listen to, to learn from and to aspire to without a doubt. I want to recognize you not only for bringing them to the conference but for the many hours you had to interview them and keep the focus.

A special thank you to Dr. Darnell and Don Goldstein for instruction and your message. With the many, many highlights in the conference these were two of them for me.

A big hand to all of you at the Home Office as I know that this conference and future ones take a lot of planning and preparation.

Thank you to all the ACs and their families who helped out at the desk and up on stage. It did not go unnoticed.

Thank you to all the ACs that reached out to share, to encourage and to fellowship. You were a blessing to me..

Lord your magnitude, not ours!

And yes it is that time already ..,  I pray for God's favor and blessing on you all as we start tomorrow to prepare for the next conference. I pray and I know that the marketing pebbles I continue to throw into the water will produce a bucket full of candidates!

With Christian Love and In His Service,

John (and Toni) Kottelenberg
Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

Good morning team,

No, I'm not literally still on the plane, but I am still flying in my very soul from the experiences of this weekend. It was almost like we were beyond time and space and natural limits as the body of Christ came together "for such a time as this." That thought occurred to me many times this weekend and it was so manifest in what we experienced as the AC family.

I had a little panic this morning as I couldn't find my folder of pages and pages and pages of notes, looked everywhere, but then praise God there it was and I don't have to call the hotel to beg them to go on an all-out hunt! That is raw material that I need to really take to the Lord and ask Him to help prioritize, organize, and cement all that transpired for His purpose in my life and business.

I wasn't able to share on the call this morning because there were so many people just full of praise and thanksgiving who wanted to share. We could've done a 2-hour call and it wouldn't have been enough. I will be focused this week, spending a lot of time just quietly with the Lord, digesting, asking, listening, writing, reviewing, planning, trusting, praising. But I wanted to share a few immediate things with y'all today (uh oh, I think a little Texas rubbed off!).

First of all, it was so precious to me on the call this morning as different folks spoke to have a FACE and a smile and a handshake and maybe a shared meal or discussion and shared worship time to go with most of you who spoke. That means the world to me. I could've left after the Thursday night Strategist meeting between the powerful Christ-centered meeting (inspired job, Jack, thank you!), meeting a couple dozen reps for the first time, and the AMAZING heart-felt testimonials from the well-recognized Champions of Thursday's meeting. Honestly, I would've considered that enough blessing for having made the trip, but little did I know what was to come!

I told Tim that truly I have been promoting and marketing Advantage Conferences "through a glass darkly" for about six months because I joined right after the Orlando MMC, so this was my first MMC. I did have a strong belief from the beginning, although all I had to go on was 2nd-hand testimonials and the promotional materials we have. Strong as they are, and they certainly are, it is NOTHING like being there for yourself. I guess maybe it's like enjoying other people's children and you think children are great and you even tell other people that children are great, and then having your own -- your life and your ability to love and grow and change goes to some level you never could've imagined.

A couple take-aways are key for me, and like I said I think we all will be a very long time digesting and meditating on what we heard, learned, and experienced this weekend (was it really only a weekend?!?!) –

We all know that saying that we should work on BE-COMING the kind of person we want to attract. I want to attract the kind of person into my life and business like the people we heard on stage and the rest of you that I met this weekend, and I don't just mean the "official" speakers. You are all Champions to me in so many different ways. I want to BE in closer fellowship with the Lord to know and do His will, I want to BE and exude the love of Christ to everyone I meet, I want to know and BE God's Word better and better and better so I can give it out, I want to BE an inspiration to people to believe in themselves because they are in Christ and can do all things through Him, I want to BE one who empowers and equips people to achieve everything God has for them, I want to BE a catalyst for change and encouragement for those who need it, and I could go on for pages. We are all in process, praise God! He isn't finished with us yet! The Author will also be the Finisher of our faith.

We heard so much about mentoring this weekend and that has really come to mean something new to me. Who do we choose to emulate? Who do we seek wisdom from? Who do we ask for advice and why? I understand better than ever in my time with AC that the conferences twice a year are the pinnacle peak experiences because of the concentration and focus for a few short days BUT I believe the truest measure of what we offer people and what we're inviting them to join us in is even more powerfully the ONGOING week to week, day to day, prayer to prayer, voice to voice, heart to heart mentoring in-between the conferences. We are truly family and we'll have those awesome family reunions periodically, and meanwhile we are the hands and feet and heart of Christ all around the world and we need each other every day. A mentor doesn't have to be someone a generation ahead of you, although it often is because of the attained wisdom and experience. A mentor could be anyone who inspires you to be better than you are because they see the potential in your life.

What was so profound to me about these multi-millionaires was their truer joy in service and excellence and ministry than in all the riches, honor and prestige the world has to offer, and they have that too but it has not distracted them or been their satisfaction. It has only enhanced their ability to give and serve and have influence for God's eternal purposes. I think it was Arch who said "Earn all you can so you can fund ministry." These guys who have literally been before kings and presidents just sat and shared their truest hearts with us, humble and grateful for the chance to serve their Lord.

My thinking was so elevated, it's not even possible to describe. Remember when we were kids sitting on a swing and we just kind of had our heads down scuffing the dirt & rocking back & forth a little, then we start pumping a little and gain speed and altitude, and if we got someone big and strong to push us we could really soar and even go kind of weightless with how high we got? We got one heck of a push this weekend with ALL that transpired and now we are soaring and can see over the fence that used to limit our vision. Keep pumping! Lean into the Spirit (thank you for that, visual, Jordan, and for sharing your beautiful gift of music!). Lift up your eyes! Behold, He is doing a new thing!

When I get new business cards I'm going to put my title as "Change Agent." I think it's the most descriptive and succinct way to put it. Think that might get a few questions?

Truly, there was the Truth in that room that "From everlasting to everlasting, Thou art God." Can you BELIEVE we held in our own hands a piece of Noah's ark?  We were given a powerful blessing and benediction in ancient Hebrew from Dr. Charlie. It literally gave me chills, as with my eyes closed I could imagine being back in Bible times and hearing those ancient words from the Rabbi! Thank you, Dr. Charlie, our brother through the Messiah. Can you believe that Arch and his team are next going out in faith to recover the Ark of the Covenant, lost for thousands of years, representing the very Shekinah Glory of the Lord, so that scoffers might believe because time is short! What a loving God we have to make all this possible because He is seeking to save those who are lost.

God's covenant faithfulness from generation to generation:

Dr. David Darnell, oh my goodness. The man opens his mouth and the very wisdom of the Lord pours out. I could listen to that man teach the Bible all day long. How many Bible scholars have you ever heard like that? Now we know where Tim gets his straight talking, no mincing words. May God continue to bless his life and his ministry. His son, Tim Darnell, man of passion, man of vision, man of straight talk, man who's come through the Refiner's fire and is being purified, man who was chosen before time began to lead this army into battle. May God strengthen you, encourage you, and give you great joy in your work and service, Tim. We love you and we stand with you! And precious Caleb, now third generation little Darnell man beginning his walk with his Savior. What a legacy that boy has. The angels are rejoicing as his name is written in the Book of Life! And we are too!

And meeting Will's helpmate in the beautiful and gracious Kim, and Paige, one his daughters who will be a Mighty Prayer Warrior for her own man and children one day, Lord willing, as well as her sisters. And meeting the beautiful and hospitable Stephanie, constant love and support to one of our Champions, and seeing three little Weinzierl future Champions growing up in the atmosphere of trust, vision, and service that Jack exudes as the spiritual leader in his home. And Sam's boys were there, young men with all their future in front of them, getting this kind of input as teens. And I didn't mean to leave out Cathy and Lindy and Hannah, co-partners with Tim and so crucial for that home team support for any man of great vision.

On the plane ride home I got a vision of a Young Christian Entrepreneur's conference when we are ready to expand…why should our young people have to spend years making the mistakes that we've made? Time is short, let's get them on the right track early. Think what our children could accomplish for God's kingdom in their generation with this kind of foundation!

And that's hardly a start, but it's where I can begin. I really believe that we are in such an embryonic stage with AC right now, almost cocoon-like in the struggles and waiting in faith that have been part of the past few years to get to where we are right now, and that the struggles are what are strengthening our wing muscles (do butterfly wings have muscles? I'm not sure) so we will fly strong and true and be beautiful in His sight.

It was such a delight to spend time with each of you that I could this weekend. Till we meet again, God bless you and keep you. Here's a [[[hug]]]. Stay on the Potter's wheel. Don't jump off and go splat! We are vessels for His glory and He has a unique and highly personal use for each one of us. Submit to His loving hand as He continues to mold you.

Your grateful sister in Christ,

Becki Maxson
Rocklin, CA

Dear Team,

We started each day with the teachings of Tim's dad.  He imparted much spiritual wisdom, I have shared just one gem below.

Dr. David Darnell
Let God reveal Himself to you.  Don't confine Him by defining Him.

Throughout the weekend, we kept hearing the same themes.  For me, it boiled down to building our foundation on these five areas.  In the words of one of our Millionaire Mentor's:

Master the intangibles!!!

Trust God
We either believe our God can do it or we don't.  There's nothing in between.
God's the answer for everything.  Not the government or your job.
Pray for wisdom and discernment in our business.  Line up our time and resources to God's Kingdom.
Any story of our success without talking about the influence of Christ in our lives is only half a story.
And, even that it is only by His grace.

Passion With a Vision
We have to have a burning passion for our business.
Find your passion, something you're willing to take risks for.
Then it will drive you to not give up and fight through the struggles.
Keep a sense of urgency on a daily basis, while having a long term vision.

Must Be Totally Sold Out
We have to KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt where God wants us to be.
We have to believe with all our heart that what we are doing is good for others.
If we are uncertain you WILL waiver at every difficulty and re-evaluate "if" we should be here and "why" we are there.
And we will be led by our emotions as we waiver.  This will affect your ability to focus.
Take a stand that you will NOT quite.  Only a small percentage stay the course.
Having fanaticism is beginning to approach leadership.

Focus With Intensity
This comes ONLY from being totally sold out for something that you are driven towards by our God given passion and vision.
Consider a magnifying glass.  When held steady, it has amazing power.  If moving (wavering), it has NO or very weak power.
Focus will give you a steady hand at the helm and keep the boat from flipping over.
Have a great positive attitude. Don't allow negative people around you and don't listen to them.
An Optimist will find opportunity in every difficulty.  But a Pessimist will find difficulty in every opportunity.
Creating wealth comes through time and discipline.

Take Consistent Action
As I thought about what a privilege and blessing it was to be there, I realized that the ONLY reason I was there was because of the consistent actions of Tim and Jack.
Tim for establishing and growing the company and Jack for finding ways to reach people.  They have both taken consistent action because they trust God, have passion with vision, are totally sold out and focus with intensity!
Additionally, the ONLY reason we had the opportunity to meet the mentors we met and have the experiences we had is because they too(the Mentors) have Mastered the Intangibles!

Judy Sterling
Dallas, TX


These aren't all of the testimonials, but as you can see many were greatly impacted.  I was so impacted that I bought the DVDs.

To your Success!

Eric Standlee

Download Slay Your Giant (originally $29.95) at no cost quick before this link stops working:

Monday, November 06, 2006

MMC Was a great succes!

With testimonies like these that keep pouring in:

The whole week-end was AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. This is definitely, one of the most memorable 4 days of my life. I met so many loving people of God. My head felt so clear, and I felt so happy, and I was with family. I can't wait to get in touch with everyone I've ever known, to let them know, what a wonderful opportunity this really is. I dedicated my business to The Lord, before I even got started, and I want to make Him proud.

I want to thank Tim Darnell, and Jack, and everyone that made this week-end possible. The speakers were so down to earth, and loving as well, and I learned a lot from them all. I can't wait until the next one, where I will have a large group, "my very own group". Special Blessings to all of you for this coming year, and beyond.

Love to all

How can people who have never attended one of these powerful conferences continue to call advantage conferences and Tim Darnell nasty words in a juvenile name calling on annonymous boards using words like "scam"?

This wrong needs to be righted.

Comment away.